“The boat was kept as clean as the guys could possibly keep it (we were antifouling at the same time and did hope to stay aboard overnight, but this wasn’t possible as all the gear/cushions from the aft cabin was moved to the saloon, so you couldn’t move!!). I would say we also couldn’t boil a kettle as gear needed moving from above the engine to get to the ignition panel (this was placed on the galley side) – so bring a thermos! We had new prop, shaft and seacock at the same time; seacock fitting was very neat (they had to make the thru hull hole smaller, so it was a bigger job then anticipated but I was charged no more). They chose the new prop size correctly and we got perfect revs when we tested (apparently this can be an issue). All other associated works were carried out very neatly. The engine bay was properly painted and everything in the engine bay left immaculate. I know that the cost is horrific, but the difference to our old engine is still unbelievable. We had a Yanmar 2QM20 (20hp) from 1978 in the boat 9 the original) – it ran fine, but we really struggled with having enough power to push through a chop or against the tide. The 35hp is fantastic, first trip bring the boat back from the yard to East Cowes was force 5 on the nose – we would have normally had to motor/sail (tack with the main up) to make any progress, and we just powered through the chop into the wind with no main at 5kts plus. The engine itself makes the most fantastic ‘brum’ sound when you start up, runs quietly and very smoothly! Flat out she must be at max hull speed. We tend to cruise between 1800-2000 revs. The prop was a 3 blade 17” I think. (we had a 3 blade 16” before). We have used the boat much more this year than last (although we do go out a lot!) and have got 70 hours on the engine already. The staff were polite and very professional. If you have any specifics just ask, but I would certainly recommend TS marine and the engine without hesitation.”

– Tara

“When it came to replacing the engine in my Moody 425, I selected the Beta 43 and emailed several suppliers. The response from TS Marine came back the same day (a Sunday) with not only a good quotation but also pictures of a previous installation in another 425 which gave me extra confidence that the unit would fit. I removed the old engine myself and TS marine came down to the south of France to fit and align the new engine as well as replacing the cutlass bearing. The job was done very professionally, including contacting the propeller manufacturers to ensure the correct settings for the propeller to match the new engine power output. I would be happy to recommend TS Marine to anybody looking to replace an engine.”

– Chris Diggins

“Over the spring/early summer this year Scott/TS Marine installed a Beta 25 in our Centurion 32 to replace a 34 year old Volvo MD11c. I cannot recommend TS more highly. From beginning to end they were helpful, professional and proved extremely knowledgeable about all as pects of this quite complicated exercise. Scott quoted for the job after looking at the installation. His high level of technical understanding made what was clearly quite a complex exercise easy to understand and his confidence in knowing how to deal with all aspects of the job gave us the confidence to ‘leave all it to him’. The intsallation involved quite a lot of decision making which we largely left to Scott and in hindsight were very happy that we did. For example, deciding what to do with the propeller, whether to change it for a different pitch and size or a fethering type ! In the end Scott suggested just repitching (which I had no idea you could do!!) the existing propeller which was duly done, saved a lot in cost and has proved brilliant. He stuck to his quotation figures with only one or two extras we had agreed to. The price was competitive and Scott always checked with us before committing to any extra cost of which there was little. As far as the result is concerned we could not be more delighted although we are finding it difficult to get used to turning the ignition and the engine immediately spring into life!! The Beta engine has proved perfect for the boat.. quiet running, responsive and plenty of reserve power when needed. We cruise at 5.5/6 knots at 2200 revs with up to 3600 if needed. The engine has proved 100% reliable so far and punches the boat forward through strong winds and against a Solent chop and tide!! Would only buy from Scott if I had to do it again!”

– David Weisfeld

“I have been looking after and running high profile racing yachts for the last 12 years and more recently refitting a power boat and Swan 68. TS Marine Ltd have helped me maintain these vessels to an exceptional standard always happy to help and offer expert advice. Some of the work they have undertaken for me in the past has been full engine rebuilds to routine maintenance I have been happy to fly them to the boats location in order to get honest and impartial advice which has often saved thousand in the long term. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who is looking for an honest and very professional engineering service. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

– Jason Field

“Scott carefully and efficiently planned, from the UK, the installation of a new Beta engine into our yacht on a Greek Island. The whole process was carried out with such precision that the engine, panel, diesel tank, calorifier and all needed for the installation arrived in Greece well in advance. All we had to do in the yard was prepare the engine beds according to his instructions. Undeterred by volcanic ash, the 2-man team flew out and installed the engine within a day. To the amazement of the yard, the yacht was relaunched for sea trials less than 2 days later. Scott continues to give succinct and accurate advice and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the team at T S Marine to carry out professional and reliable installations that will give peace of mind.”

– Hattie Spurr